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BARTITSU class at Oklahoma Steampunk Exposition 4/16/11
6th ANNUAL CUMANN BHATA Weekend of Recreational Violence 6/19-20 - Kinsman OH  "It'll hert a really bunch"
Fifteen men, vast numbers of knives, warclubs, tomahawks, sjamboks, e-tools, shillelaghs, Vigny canes, Bowie knives of all descriptions, kindjals, kukris, broadswords, and sabers.  Lots of bad jokes, some bad spelling, 2 raw chickens.... and pool noodles.  Yes, pool noodles.
GERMAN LONGSWORD session 5/15 - Gallowglass Mt Morris
Nine or so folks from Chicago and eastish came out for a day of German practice.  
TOMAHAWK class 5/1 - Gallowglass
BARTITSU class 4/17 - Gallowglass  
BARTITSU demo, 4/10 - Midway Village, Rockford
    Early in April, a Madison WI area troupe calling themselves "The Crew of Her Majesty's Airship Badger" called us: they'd scheduled a live-action Steam Century Mystery even on 4/10 at Midway Village in Rockford.  We were invited to demonstrate Bartitsu... so of course we promptly dispatched the Bartitsu Team (Allen, Andrea, Mike and Antina Pennock), and committed some Bartitsu.  Fun was had, possibly evident from these pictures.  Thanks to Antina Richards-Pennock for most of these pictures; Andrea took the last few views of Antina whacking the snot out of Allen.  

RE-ENACTORFEST, 2/5-7/10, northern Chicago 'burbs 
  photos by Andrea or Allen... except pix of Andrea and Allen, which are by Antina Richards-Pennock

For pictures and video, please visit our Picasa Albums via the links below.  Picasa albums that are only semi-public:  you need to use the links to see pix from various events. 

MORE BOWIE!  7/31/10 @Gallowglass   Including the first successful freeplay videos. Not well-made video, mind you, but video.

Women's Self Defense 7/10, 7/18

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