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    Below are some of the activities that Gallowglass will be attending, participating in, or hosting in 2017!

    • Starting in September, Allen will be offering classes in Italian Classical Foil Fencing in Leaf River, IL. The course consists of sessions for 1 hour per week for a total of 6 weeks. More information available on our Upcoming Events page.
    • Allen has been invited to teach several classes at Ice and Fire Ltd.'s HEMA Diversity Camp (HDC) in 2018! HDC is being held June 8 - 10, 2018 in Norfolk, England. Availability is limited so we encourage you to check it our early! For more information, please click here.
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    Date  Event Contact
     September 2017 Italian Classical Foil Fencing
    Leaf River, IL
     Gallowglass Academy
    June 8 - 10, 2018 HEMA Diversity Camp
    Norfolk, UK
    Ice & Fire Ltd.

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